StayUncle launching SuperFast checkin – No ID required for checkin to StayUncle couple friendly hotels

Here at StayUncle we’ve managed to do the impossible

We enabled couples all over India book a hotel for couples with no judgements and no questions asked

We made it possible for gay couples book a couple friendly hotel, again with no judgements and no questions asked.

We even placed a StayUncle Love kit containing condom, Peesafe and chocolate because the pharmacist too can be pain in the ass.

And now we removed another uncomfortable part of the process – having to wait at the reception for ID proof registration

All this – without losing sight of Praveen uncle’s underwear.

Today we are introducing the StayUncle Super Fast checkin

A specially built functionality for couples who want to avail the fastest ever checkin in a StayUncle couple friendly hotel without having to wait at the reception.

What is the SuperFast checkin feature about?

Instead of showing the ID proof at the reception we thought – why not uploading it on our website so that we can send it to the hotel before your checkin time.

By doing so you won’t have to wait at the reception in order for the receptionist to fill in your guest details in the guest registration form.

Why are we introducing SuperFast checkin?

Because many StayUncle couple guests want their checkin process to be as fast and as smooth as possible and feel uncomfortable staying at the reception for too long.

How does the SuperFast checkin work?

Once you have made a booking via StayUncle you will receive an SMS invitation to activate the SuperFast checkin module.

You accomplish that by logging onto and uploading a soft copy (both sides) of any of the following ID proofs – Aadhar card, Voter ID, Driving license or Passport.

Once you do that, you are supposed to invite your partner to do the same.

You do that by logging onto and locate your upcoming booking where you will easily spot the option to invite your partner for the StayUncle SuperFast checkin by inserting your partner’s mobile number.

Your partner will receive an SMS to log onto and upload his/her respective ID proof.

Once both of you have uploaded your ID proof, the SuperFast checkin module will get activated.

Ompaa Lompaaaaaa 🙂

What is the benefit of doing this?

We know that most of the time waiting at the reception is spent on filling up the guest book with your personal info, right?

Once you have activated your StayUncle SuperFast checkin, the hotel will get a copy of both your ID proof prior to checkin time and the registration process will be completed just before you appear for checkin.

Hence, you love birds won’t have to wait at the reception and fill a guest registration form.

Instead you will appear, show your original ID proof for verification and then immediately escorted to your designated hotel room.

How awesome, haina?

Is it safe to upload my ID proof on


Your data is run through a strong encryption algorithm and safely stored onto our servers.

Your ID proof will not be used for anything else apart from sending it to the hotel you’ve booked, every time you make a booking.

Am I supposed to do this every time I want to avail SuperFast checkin?

No and that’s the best part. You only upload your ID proof on once and that’s it.

Every time you make a booking afterwards your ID proof will be sent to the hotel you’ve booked before you checkin.

However, if you are a naughty type and tend to visit StayUncle hotels with different partners, you are supposed to invite the new guest you are going to stay with to upload his/her ID proof as well.

Remember – The StayUncle super Fast checkin module will be activated only if both, you and the person you are supposed to stay with have uploaded their respective ID proof.

This is more awesome than Praveen uncle’s underwear, dear Blaze uncle

I know, right? Just imagine what sort of things we are ready to do for you dosto, to make your StayUncle experience more amazing.

To see a preview of how the process looks like, click here


— Blaze uncle out

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