The tale of road that sells love

*Phone ringing*

Me (Mumbling to myself) –Abe yaar phir roegaa ye

The moment I picked up phone, I heard his rotlu voice again..

He: Dude yaar I can’t get over her, what to do?

Me: Bhai yaar tera kuch nhi ho sakta. I think, now is the high time to fulfill your biggest dream of visiting Red light area because you just need to get laid..

*laughs and giggles from both the sides*

I kept laughing but it failed to deliver the happy-feeling.

My mind was suddenly not in peace as it kept flashing the time when I “accidentally” met the 16 year girl who was neither a daughter nor a sister but only a “service provider”(a less offensive word for our polished society).

While driving back to home I watched her daily. Her position never varied but her Laal, hari sarees surely did.

Everything about her was elegant: Her clothes, her hair and her gestures. No wonder she was an eye catcher for all the men passing by, her looks only were enough for most men to get boner.

Being bought up in well-educated and descent family, I always knew that-ye gande kaam hain and maybe because of that I never really bothered of giving much thought to it.

Although, we all know that at these areas ‘night sells her own beauty’.

“I see corpses within these humans who are ready to auction their ‘usable parts’ for just few penny”

It was a spacious road but due to some reason almost all cars automatically slowed down their pace and one can see men lurking out of their window to which I always wondered-

“uncle kya mil gya dekh k? You won’t get to see free porn anyway and if you wish to see naked women then pay for it But fizool kharchi is something our parents have always lectured about so, it all gets back to parenting.”

Shocking isn’t it?

Yet we all ogle at them when we pass them on the streets, never realizing that they are more than what they do.

If for once we don’t look at them with our stereotypical eyes we could understand that behind those shiny sarees and that makeup so wild- you will see a compassionate mother desperate to earn for her child, you will see them burn helplessly in the midst of need and desperation..while their kids grow up, outside those shut doors.

Like everything else in the world, Indians can’t make up their mind about the profession of prostitution.

Does it not happen all over the country with the knowledge of the police, the media as well as the public administration system?

From depiction of the grand ‘kothas’ in Devdas to the shabby one roomed brothel in Dev D. Prostitution in India is like a dirty secret: Most have one, and then judge others who do.

It is one of the oldest profession in the world, but unlike the brothel wine, it doesn’t seem to be getting better.

Here is how the Indian Penal Law has seen it:

Prostitution the profession? *yayy*

Because, blow job is better than no job

Prostitution the activity?*Booo*

Because, you are already paying to have ‘sex’ and why would you want to pay for a hotel room too? Hence, our considerate constitution doesn’t allow us to solicit hotel services for doing the deed.

On one hand, we see all prostitutes as victims of poverty and ill-fate; on the other, they are treated like grime of the society because no matter how much we get educated, ultimately ye sab Gandaa hai..

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