Thanks Bollywood.. For teaching me what Love NOT is

If Raj from DDLJ could get Simran of his life then I am pretty sure that my Raj is just a Europe trip away.

A big thanks to our Bollywood movies which not only gave us hopes but also taught us the ‘fancy’ way to romance.

Most of our population still believes that they will find the love of their life in some train or in a mustard field.

Monsoon being the love centric season brings romance on the street. Every time it rains the Romeo brings out his black umbrella in the hope of finding a woman who will change his life.

It is too hard to decide whether Bollywood got inspired by street romance or are we getting inspiration from the ideal love that they portray.

 It was always too hard for me to describe love but after watching Raam Leela I was pretty sure that besharam badtameez  khudgarz hota hai par pyaar, to aise hi hota hoga.

Bollywood has given us the most iconic love stories that inspire, breaks our heart, twists our emotions and makes us cry at the same time.

The day I realized that I was being kissed by love was when I started living the gazhals.

It is the kind of love that runs through your spine and chokes your throat.

A moment where you want to sing but you can’t, dance but you won’t and would rather just sit with a glass of wine and enjoy the melancholic music.

Music is the backbone of our movie industry. You won’t be able to feel the extremes of emotions until you hear Arijit’s soulful songs accompanied with romantic scenes.

It sets up an ideal situation in front of us and our lives just revolve around attaining that perfection because who doesn’t want an ending like Bunty and Bubbly.

Why do you think all movies have happy endings? May be because our films want to give a positive message to the masses that after all tension and struggles of life we ultimately establish victory of good over evil and hope over despair.

You don’t need to fall in love to feel it because even my two year old niece knows “ki pyar main kuch kuch hota hai”.

 What if love is not blind but is deaf and mute?

Bollywood has always come with inspiring stories where people with physical disabilities have fought against all odds to find love.

Bollywood is just not about romance it serves a broader purpose. Veer Zaara was a message to Pakistan that love knows no boundaries because no matter what nation we belonged to, we all cried with Zaara till the end.

We belong to a country where Shah Rukh is the synonym of romance. We might not be a fan of Romeo and Juliet but here every Ranjha is waiting for his Heer, may be not for ‘Janam Janam Ka Sath’.

We are no more searching for a love that lasts forever because over the years we have learnt to put limits to our notion of forever.

In the 70’s, the essence of love stories like ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ and ‘Bobby’ were such that they never doubted their love for each other. They doubted the social acceptance of their love.

Contrary to this, in the past one decade, there has been a shift in the way love stories have evolved.

A flippant and casual approach has seeped into the love stories in Hindi cinema.

Couples dating do everything that is expected of a typical romantic couple but they refuse to acknowledge even a slight possibility of love between them and we justify this approach by saying, “kyun ki phir sab emotional ho jaata hai, senti ho jaata hai aur masti ka the end ho jaata hai.”

Today romantic alliances are more a matter of convenience first, than a commitment.

If it works well then good else the funda is ‘you go your way I go mine’. May be we don’t love like ‘Devdas’ anymore but we still do like bunny.

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