The Days for Atmanirbharta are Over Dost!

So, the 1920s called, they want their pandemic back. Looks like 2020 isn’t willing to give that up anytime soon!

Hasn’t the world come to a stand still?

Like you are on a traffic signal, sitting there in your car, just waiting to hit the race as soon as the light turns green? (If you know what I mean! ;p) Well this is where Stay Uncle comes into the scene, (Man, it rhymed!) your very own green signal!

But before we jump this red light like everyone in India does, we’ve got a question for you! How does the idea of breaking the chains, doing the unexpected, sound to you? Damn liberating, isn’t it?

Well, bringing a change and revolutionizing, is something we strongly believe in!

In fact, we have been doing it since the past 6 years with local-id check in’s, safe and shorter stays, complete security and privacy for couples that too with no hassle! Our message of “Couples need a room, not a judgment”, has left such a huge mark in the hotel industry that the leading players like MakeMyTrip, OYO, and Yatra, have accepted making hotel spaces couple friendly as a standard, by creating a separate section just for couples!

And that is what we call delivering!

We came, we saw, and we are leading!

And now today again we see a new set of opportunities as the world reels under the pressure of the pandemic COVID-19. The Experts say that the Hospitality sector will take a hit. So what should we do?

Should just sit idle thinking about the crumbling future? Or should we make an attempt to repair the cracks, strengthen the roots and most importantly grow?

Dost, it’s the latter! We’ve got our guns loaded! We’ve attended our homework well!

Having foresight is something that sets you apart from the crowd, hence by understanding not only the need of the hour, but of the future, we started early. From the first lockdown itself, we began working on building a community around LGBTQIA+ that focused on spreading awareness, and pushing acceptance. Not only this but helping couples out through their rough patches by bringing them in touch with the experts who guide them in overcoming the challenges they face, and helping them develop a bond oh, so strong! When the Third wave of the lockdown was announced, we like the wizards that we are, understood the hit the hotel industry was going to take, and yet again, we thought of leading! Bringing a revolution again!

Prioritizing your concerns, Stay Uncle has come up with a comprehensive set of sanitization guidelines. These guidelines have been prepared after detailed discussions & insights from government & related advisories.

The Government of India has released a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and, our Hotel partners have come in sync with the guidelines for safer and sanitized environments just for you. On our hotel partners leading this initiative here are some of the latest sanitization updates that we have received: a bunch of photos are placed here as an additional assurance. This is how trust is built, right?

And now we come back to jumping our red light. Well its of no use, the signal that you’ve been waiting for, has just turned green, dost! We’ve set out to sail again from 8th of June, in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Ahmedabad!  

And Doston, our endeavors to give you the best of the services shall continue to evolve because we are crazy and you are super-duper special to us. Providing you with the safer and cleaner environments for you to get dirty in, is what we aim for!

And as they say, those sheets aren’t going to get dirty on their own! Its time to hit the race!

See you soon!

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