The dirty scary little tale of the she-cup.

In the drizzly day with chai and bhutta (not sutta, for a change) the rotating bottle stopped in my direction and I was asked – what is the wildest thing that you ever did?

I might have tried doing the Kamasutra positions while doing yoga or would have drunk danced on the streets of Goa but my high-on- chai brain took no time to decide the answer.

Me: shoving the small silicone cup in my vagina.

Ladies couldn’t agree more but the men were like wtf

Male friend – dude, we were expecting more sexually inclined answer and not some of your shitty periods story.

Me: guys, if putting both hands inside the vagina after every 12 hours to remove and re-install the menstrual cup is not sexually inclined then I don’t know what is. * Silence for 1 min*

Guys wanted to know the whole story. I don’t know if it’s because of their curious brains or curious penis but they found it little exciting.

And the very next moment, game turned into a story telling time as each women decided to disclose their first time with cups. Does this sound dirty to the horny people around? Well, it is DIRTY, literally!

My relationship with periods changed the moment I started using menstrual cups. I mean from being committed with pads it changed into being complicated with the menstrual cups.

Putting it in hurts. I was afraid to push it in all the way and it popped open and smacked against my clitoris. Ouch! After it pops open, you’re supposed to create a seal between the rim of the cup and the edge of your vaginal wall.

You do this by ensuring the cup is open and tugging down on it. In other words, the muscles in your vagina are supposed to hold this thing in.

When the menstrual cup is in your vagina, you don’t feel it at all. If you do feel it or it’s at all uncomfortable, it’s not in right. Although inserting the cup feels fine for me now, taking it out is always a little uncomfortable. It feels worthwhile to not have to worry about bleeding through my white skirt for 12 hours a day, though.

Here’s a little advice to all the ladies of the world to make their life less fucked up – use menstruation cup! Not because I have some advertising contract with them but because it teaches you a lot about your own vagina.

You might think that you know everything about your female part but eventually you will get to know about ‘rehsyamayi duniya’ of your vagina.

Believe me girls, porn teaches you nothing but faking orgasm. So, trust your hands more than Sunny Leone and touch yourself!

Using menstrual cup for the first time is scary but then once you get used to it then it works no less than magic. Here’s what I know from developing a relationship with my menstrual cup—as well as my vagina—for the last few years.

My cervix is a bitch.

My cervix is angled to left, meaning I have to try and angle my cup in there correctly. Since the blood comes from the cervix, which is the entrance to the uterus, the cup needs to be properly positioned under there.

I was totally ignorant of my body.

I really had no clue what was up with my body down there before I started using the menstrual cup. The cup gave me the opportunity to actually become familiar with my anatomy as well as to be more in touch with my cycle. I realized that I was totally ignorant of my body before the cup came into my life.

How much I bleed.

With a tampon, it felt impossible to know what was normal when it came to blood loss. 1 super tampon full of blood=2 regular tampons? I had no idea how much I was actually bleeding.

The menstrual cup has been this love-hate thing for me. Consider alternatives to tampons and give the menstrual cup a try!

P.S- For all the guys complaining about article not being appropriate, I say- NO UTERUS…NO OPINION.

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