“When should condoms be used? – Every conceivable occasion.”

Well Jokes apart

Today, I’ve gotta address something:

In fact… I just went through my last few interactions and noticed something.

In my last 40 chit chats… 28 men who I spoke to complained about this.

Condom Sex.

It totally sucks… right?

Well… no.

I don’t agree with you there.

But – given that so many guys have a negative association with having sex with a condom… I wanted to share my thoughts with you today… including ONE secret tip to make condom sex amazing.

Now – here’s one of the first things to consider:

If you find sex with a condom unpleasurable… or you can’t stay hard or keep your dick hard – then you need to consider this:

Are you using the right condom?

What do I mean by that exactly…?

Well – here’s the thing:

You may be using condoms that aren’t a good fit for you… or are way too tight.

You may have never even considered this before… but trust me – it’s super important.

When it comes to buying condoms… you MUST buy the right ones.

Spend the extra money… and get the best quality condoms you can.

Personally – I use either one of these  SKYN    OR  Kimono OR Okamoto OR Trojan  condoms… as they are the best quality and feel the most pleasurable when having sex.

Now – let me address another huge problem that men cause themselves with condoms:

You have a negative association with them.

I want you to close your eyes… and think of the word CONDOM.

What comes to mind?

The fun of sex has been ruined? You’ll experience less pleasure?

You won’t be able to keep your dick hard and that will make the sex shitty?

Whatever it is… I guarantee you have a shit mindset towards condoms.

Instead of viewing them as something sexy that protects your health and pregnancy risks… you’re seeing them as a total boner killer.

You need to start to create positive associations in your mind to condoms… because the truth is – they can not only be sexy, but something that is actually helping your sex life – not hindering it.

Which brings me to my next point… what’s the secret tip to having amazing condom sex?

It’s simple.

Put 2 drops of lube INSIDE the condom before you put it on.

That way, you’ll feel the wetter sensation directly on your cock… and it will give you more sensations and better pleasure during sex.

This sounds simple… but I guarantee if you do it – you’ll start to appreciate condom sex for what it is.

I hope that helps.

Also – I’d love to hear about your experience with condom sex?

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