All things nice with sugar and spice, what lies in the head should also lie in the bed.

Agreed, that’s a little too much but still, we are all about pushing boundaries now aren’t we.

But Uncle you are such a provocateur!!

Because why not! What do the unmarried couples do besides swooning at each other? Honestly, love is an emotion that still cannot be expressed publicly in India. Forget PDA!

Stay Uncle

Glares, stares and awkward gestures are all you get Isn’t it lovebirds? We know it’s a big loud yessssss!!!

No worries! StayUncle understands and this is why Uncle is here to tell you about the best hotels in Kolkata for unmarried couples. Whether you are traveling with your partner or looking for a place to have some oompa loompa time together, these hotels in Kolkata are legit the best. Check them out.

Hotel Great Western – This has to be in Uncle’s list of top hotels for unmarried couples in Kolkata. Apart from being unmarried couple friendly, Hotel Great Western is also known for its warm hospitality for LGBTQ couples. Undoubtedly, this can be your next best weekend getaway as you can easily turn your stay here into one with amazing food, hospitality, and some good old school exploration of body anatomy.


Hotel Regenta Orko’s- Okkaaayy! Hotel Regenta Orko’s 4-star hotel might be the one exceeding the budget you have set for your stay but trust us it will be all worth it. We suggest you to book this hotel to have a quality time especially for anything that calls for a celebration like your relationship anniversary or your partner’s birthday.

Well! The reason we say that it won’t feel like burning a hole in your pocket is because it has a bubbly bathtub room. Excited at the thought?
Also, the warm hospitality is what you are gonna rave about. (apart from the moments you will make)

Love Lock

Hotel One Love Lock- We don’t need to tell you much, the name says it all. More affordable than the rest, the ambiance, attentive staff, and spa facilities will sum up your stay in the hotel to be one of the special experiences with the one (or many) of your life.

Hotel Radisson- This again may go over your budget but you won’t feel even an ounce of regret. The time two of you will spend together, Hotel Radisson will top it off all with the best of amenities. If you choose luxury rooms, you get whirlpool tubs. Moreover, if you both are foodies and good food is another top priority of yours, here you will have 3 luxurious restaurants to eat or order from. Although there is no love kit, the hotel has still got you covered with a pastry shop, a swanky bar, a rooftop infinity pool, fitness area, sauna, hot tub, and a steam room to spice things up!.

Shogun Guest House- We have heard about the food being quite average here. But, are you really there to relish food? Care about relishing your partner without any disturbance and judgments? Shogun Guest House is just the place for you. They welcome StayUncle guests with a love kit in the room. Ahhh.. ahem… Is there still anything else you need during your stay?

Guest House

So, save yourself and your partner from all the awkwardness and make any of these hotels your next best place to snuggle, cuddle, talk and have a quality time.
Don’t think much these StayUncle hotels are quite popular and gets occupied very quickly. Make sure to reserve a room for yourself by booking in advance. Also, don’t forget to make your check-in hassle-free using the recently launched superfast check-in feature.

Uncle wishes you the naughtiest stay, book now!