Tumhare Ghar Mein Maa Behen Nahin Hai Kya

He: Nahin hai

Me: Okay then I am all yours.

Doesn’t work like that right? Agar nhi hai to kya ? What next?

Thus, the statement doesn’t help us in anyway but in reverse it somewhere strengths the patriarchy. Whaaat?

*C’mon auntie, stop relating any random shit to your feminism and call it a real issue”- my lovely critics”*

To all the women and men out there, allow me to continue and at the end of it, I bet you will be connecting some real shit too!

If Indian men have to be fed with this ‘fear’ of their beloved women being violated to make them understand gender equality and stop from violating a woman, then there isn’t a bigger shame than this.

And if this is the case then I pity the breed with proud balls.

But, being a staunch feminist and fiercely condemning the “men will be men” attitude towards the men of the country, I choose to look at men and their potential to understand things beyond this narrow and shallow idea (though it sounds a bit idealistic in the present day) and so, spreading messages like “it could be your mother or sister” or “she is also someone’s mother or sister” are just not needed and in any way, can’t be considered as steps in the right direction.

And if, however, it really is the only way, what is the kind of upbringing we are giving to our boys?

The very fact that profanity-filled language centres around women is misogynist.

Such language is based on the premise that a woman’s identity and social existence is regulated through her relationship to a man.

Therefore, her honour and dignity are tied to a man such that she is the vessel that carries his honour.

Phrases such as ‘baap ki izzat ka socho’ — with ‘baap’ being eventually replaced by husband– are often used to emotionally blackmail and regulate the behaviour of women.

This is not to say that the concept of respect should be abolished, it is only the misogynist manipulation of such language that oppresses women. Isiliye beta zabaan sambhaalo, Desh sambhalega!

And what’s the deal with cursing a man with “motherfucker” and “son of a bitch”?

The insult is aimed at the women in their lives, an insult so severe that it would hurt them because the women are their possessions.

Even otherwise reasonable people resort to using bad language in certain contexts. Their justification: BC MC bolne mein jo feel aati hai Woh kisi aur gaali mein nahi aati. Shall we create new cusswords for them?

That reminds me – did anyone saw the movie– Parched ? For all GOT fans this movie is like a desi treat. But at the same time it has redefined the meaning of freedom.

The film makes sex a topic of conversation, with the three uninhibited women, long suppressed, sexually and otherwise, not willing to allow their veils to restrict them anymore.

That results in some delightful moments — like the three discussing why cuss words only target women?

These badass women by reversing the cuss words made patriarchy uncomfortable and I couldn’t be more proud!

Quoting Bijli –“Who invented these cuss words? I bet, it was men. Why is woman getting fucked in every cuss. Motherfucker, sisterfucker. It’s time the men got fucked! Sonfucker, unclefucker, fatherfucker.”

All three shouted these words with child like glee and this was there kind of freedom!

How would you define yours ?

* Special request to our very own Delhi vaalon, from the rest of the country *

Dear Delhiltes,

Stop feeling proud every time someone says – Delhi se hoon bhenchod. The crispy language is hard to digest by our society and is causing constipation to the whole country.



— Image credit: Arre

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