A lot of people commend StayUncle on how it is bringing a revolution in the way everyone thinks about love, intimacy and pre-marital sex in the modern times.

Since love has existed forever, there has always been a need for a platform where love birdies could come without any fear and spend time with each other.

So we were wondering how it would be like if StayUncle existed in the 1980s……….

Did the doodhwala spot you today when you were having chuski with your jaaneman?

Or did the neighbouring chugalkhor auntie saw you making eye contacts with your meheboob while he was playing cricket in the street?

PremUncle is here to take your worries away and as we come with first class couple-friendly hotels in your city.

Our hotels promise to not ask you any questions or complaint regarding your whereabouts to your mata-pita. Along with a room for you and your sweetheart, PremUncle brings to you a plethora of services and gifts which include-

~ PremKit: Ham tum ek kamre mein bandh ho…..toh kya-kya ho jaye! We care for yours and your partner’s needs when you are inside a PremUncle room. This is why whenever you book, you will have a PremKit waiting for you in the room which will have a pack of Nirodh, because we care for your safety and pleasure both; One jasmine garland (gajra), so that you can decorate your janam’s hair yourself; 1gm of kesar, because you need lots of energy for the love making and one ladoo to share with your partner.

~ PremNews: The prices of our rooms range from ₹ 100 to ₹ 1,000 but, how to choose where to go? Don’t worry, Uncle has got your back. Just send a postcard to our address writing ‘PremNews’ and you will get a newspaper for yourself every month. In the newspaper you can see the photos of our scenic properties along with their prices and even reviews that our Premis give us at the hotels. Our newspaper looks like an ordinary newspaper so don’t worry about mummy-daddy catching you doing something naughty!

~ PremProtect: Ensuring your safety and protection is our foremost concern and duty. So if you both are planning to run away from your homes and get married, because yeh zaalim duniya hamare pyaar ko nahi samajhti….. we have introduced a campaign were PremUncle will provide you protection. And that is not it, our community auntie will specially meet your family and try to convince them for your love (I’m telling you, she is an expert). Call on 011-39586731 to get more information about this campaign.

~ How to book: With your PremNewsPaper, you will get PremUncle booking cards. Just call on the PremUncle number and tell us when and where you want to book. When you reach the hotel just show your booking card, make payment and enjoy your stay

So no fear when PremUncle is near. Love fearless. Love with PremUncle.

Hayeeeee Rocky Uncle would be so happy if StayUncle would have actually been that shareef. But we exist to corrupt our couples with love. Had we existed back in the eighties, the families of our lovers would have burnt our office 😛 .