Where the heck is honor in your honor killings?

Kiski talwaar pe sar rakhu ye bata do mujhe, ishq karna agar khata hai to saza do mujhe..

This is exactly what we don’t want.

Where at one side Bollywood teaches us “pyar kiya to darna kya” and the other side it tells us the mode of dying.*irony dude*

We Indians fucking love the concept of love more than sex because every other person wants to fall in love and live the feeling of “Kuch kuch Hota hai”.

We want the hero to win the girl by loving her like no-one ever did.

That is the story of Cinema ghar but what about our own ghar?

We worship lord Krishna and Radha for eternal love but then kill the same Krishna and Radha to keep our culture away from western pollution.

I want all the old uncles of our country to give it a thought because if falling in love is not in our tradition then what on earth are you worshiping till now?

When an 18 year old adult can chose and elect the Prime Minister of our country then why can’t he chose his Jeevan saathi?

Every time the term “honour killing” is used, we view the murder of couples through the eyes of their killers.

By adding the word “honour” to killing, we use the language of those who justify this odious crime on the basis of “honourable” motives. We use the language of their excuses.

We must stop doing this.

If killing mercilessly is such an honourable job then why Ajmal Kasab was hanged?

Shouldn’t he be awarded with some national award? And if the honour is all about Parampara-Pratishtha-Anushashan…bhah blah, then Sorry Amitabhji but humse na ho paaega.

Infamous for their conservative outlook towards love and marriage, the khap panchayats are finding their way on to the silver screen with several Bollywood directors lining up films based on honour killings.

Although the story line of all these films are almost same because these movies don’t end with Punjabi Raj falling in love with Tamilian Simran.

The movie shows the life after the epic love story which eventually turns into a hate story.

I know this narrative all too well.

In fact, South Indian films have played out this story time and time again, making such an unreasonable act seem justified.

It always goes down like this. A young woman, usually a side character, behaves “recklessly.”

She is outgoing, wears revealing clothing and has a boyfriend.

She has premarital sex, which results in her becoming pregnant.

Next thing you know, her family forces her to overdose on pills. Sometimes, she is saved, but sometimes, the family goes through with the act.

Why? Because they rather have their daughter dead than lose their name in the public eye.

The other day my mother told me that –sharmaji ki beti, gupta uncle k ladke k saath bhaag gyi. I casually said, so what? And bamm!

I knew that my next 2 hours are now reserved for a full length lecture on- family honour and reputation.

I tried explaining my mother by saying that if they hadn’t ran away like this then should they have waited for their parents to fire bullets?

My mom furiously replied- such senseless kids have to be taught a lesson.

My eyes wide opened and I asked- by killing them? She replied- well, if that’s what it takes to set an example for other children. That day I realized that education has nothing to do with this mind-set.

The Supreme Court judgement came as a welcoming relief for all the victims of this horror and has adopted a tough stand against honour killings.

Village Khap panchayats, which have become all-too-powerful, draconian and dictatorial, were asked by the country’s highest judicial body not to interfere in inter-caste and inter-faith marriages.

The panchayats, whose writ rules decisively in rural areas, were told not to be the conscience keepers of society or in short- apne kaam se kaam rakho uncle.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I love this guy and I feel like spending the rest of my life with him but that doesn’t mean I don’t need you by my side.

You taught me to win the world by spreading love but then why can’t I ask some for myself?

You call love a ‘mistake’ but then why did you made that mistake by loving me unconditionally?

And even if it was a mistake then can’t we live the rest of our lives by committing the same mistake.

Why do you suddenly want to make up for the mistake by killing me?

I thought of addressing this letter to our society but then I realized that if my parents stood beside me then no chaacha or maama could dare to speak a word against me or against your up- bringing.

My love for him isn’t making my love for you any lesser instead now I exactly know how much I love you guys.

Your lovable child.

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