Introducing Nitish Uncle, a new StayUncle weapon

If StayUncle was a submarine Nitish uncle would have definitely been the most powerful harpoon at our disposal.

He is the latest addition to the StayUncle team

If I was to describe him in one short phrase that would be – A broken equation. Illogical. Making no sense.

For example he calls food, bhojan and chai, petroleum.

Instead of saying I was preparing to argue, he says – I was preparing my Brahmastra.

Now you tell me how does that make sense?

A misfit who has found his way to the StayUncle team almost effortlessly. And he has been excelling ever since.

His task is to persuade more hotels to come and join onboard StayUncle

And his methods if we can call them methods deserve to be studied by all those who intend to join this organization.

He sold himself out

When asked why he should be considered for the position, his reply was:

I brought 150+ suppliers on the platform for the previous marketplace startup I used to work.

At that moment I needn’t hear anything further.

What we keep getting most of the time by other candidates is this:

Why should you be considered for the position?

I believe that I am the best candidate for this position because of my extensive and varied experience and my ability to adapt to any situation. I have a passion to achieve my set targets, which pushes me to accomplish the organizational goals. Moreover, I believe in setting up the right spirit within the team and align their long term goals with that of the organization.

Such word vomit will not bring you even remotely close to working with StayUncle..

He turns his own work into entertainment

Most of the people out there would see nothing more in this position than Cold calling and move on.

However Nitish uncle saw something entirely different in it – A chance to have fun. He has understood one of the old secrets of the universe – the world is what we make out of it, the lenses through we choose to look at it.

Here are some of his daily “pellets”

  • Hi, is this hotel XYZ. Oh good. I am looking for room for me and my girlfriend. You have one?
  • You don’t allow couples? But why?
  • But we are a couple not a prostitute. So why wouldn’t you let us in?
  • My girlfriend is very hot and we need a room badly. Can you please provide us?

In other words, he does not pitch StayUncle.

He merely demands the service as a potential customer.

The hotels who agree then get the whole story from him and get invited to consider joining StayUncle if they pass our quality parameters.

And in the process he has tons of fun.

He abuses, he argues he embarrasses the other side of the line and he doesn’t give a fuck.

One time he ended up narrating to the hotel how his girlfriend whom he’s been in love with for so long will go in the US and won’t come back for the next 2 years which is why he needs a room badly.

The hotel ended up joining the StayUncle platform. The rest of us can just look in awe and giggle at his tantrums.

All romance and love aside it’s results that matter at the end of the day for a growing company like StayUncle. Does his method work?

In the first 10 days of his tenure with StayUncle, Nitish Uncle onboarded over 30 new hotels from 3 different cities. The highest average so far achieved in StayUncle.

I guess it works 🙂

He is forceful about his agenda

What we keep saying to all StayUncle employees is that you are the boss of your own department, your own little startup.

If you do business development, your work does not end till you see your hotels live on the StayUncle partner.

If you run customer care department or marketing your work is not over till our past guests rate us 9/10 on Net Promoter Score.

Nitish uncle has taken this dead seriously.

Sanchit uncle who is in charge of the technical activation and often gets lazy at doing so gets chased almost on the hour about some of the hotels which got their formalities finalized but are still not visible on the StayUncle portal.

He is fan of Dragon Ball series

A mere coincidence or not, he hit me on the only bias I will probably never get rid of. When he started narrating what are the things he actually likes about Zamasu. I was like – Finally, here is someone who has understood it.

Although not a mandatory condition, being a Dragon Ball fan will definitely bring you some brownie points. At least at my end.


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