Every group has one single friend who hands out the best relationship advice. You go to them to rant, to whine, to overshare and when you just want to be heard. And they, in turn, are able to provide you with gems of relationship advice.

But, aise kaise?

Be it emotional, financial or morning motion advices..how the fuck you know everything? I asked my forever akela friend

To which he savagely replied-“dude you haven’t completed your law degree but you have been acting like vakeel saheb and giving legal advices since you cracked your entrance….same logic!” *I got lawyered*

Just like every dosa needs nariyal chutney, every pizza needs oregano and every chai needs charcha, similary every fucked up relationship needs raaye of asingle friend..

I hear waah waah sound in the background, so I’ll continue.

On a serious note though, during tough and turbulent phases of a relationship, single friends are able to offer a distanced perspective. It might or might not be the best advice.

Of course, only the people who are in the relationship know what’s best for them. But when things get tangled, and perspectives are blurred with no solution in sight; alien opinion offers a different standpoint.

Secondly, single folks value love and try to protect it, considering apna to hai nahi.

There is a common belief that only the lovey-dovey, minimum 5 year relationship preferably with some span of long-distance are eligible for giving you the best advice during your emotional crisis.

This assumption is possibly the worst one because it lacks so much common sense. Being single does not mean you lack the critical thinking skills that enable you to listen to a situation and offer sound advice.

Also, being single does not mean you’ve never been in a relationship and cannot speak on what it’s like.

They have been with you, seen all ups and downs, been your secret keeper…how are they not eligible to give an advice that’s best for you?

And then there’s another glazed over part that everyone seems to skip out on: PEOPLE IN RELATIONSHIPS CAN GIVE SHITTY ADVICE, TOO! * I have been casualty of the disaster*

The question is how exactly is a fresher eligible for advising for a work that needs 10 years of experience?

My fellow single friend specializing in relationship insights said-“we’ve basically experienced more relationships than anyone.

We have seen so many relationships around us, so much data collected in our mind, that we work as a conduit of relationship experiences, a carrier that transfers applicable relationship advice from one couple to another one in need. Matlab osmosis is a joke in front of what we do”

Although he was bragging too much as he always does but this time I couldn’t agree more because I could relate my friend with murari (single friend in Ranjhana Movie) where he warned his deeply-madly-in-love friend by saying the golden words of wisdom- pandit, hume lagta hai tumhara fir katega! *if only, he was taken seriously*

Dear committed lovers,

Our past experiences and our beloved shows and movies shout out to us the stories of unsung heroes.

The ones who are brave enough to tell us- katega tera and are supportive enough to call during midnight crisis coz they have no-one else to call.

The ones who act no less than love-guru and charge us in the form of treeeaatt occasionally for no reason at all.

But in spite of them acting as total ass, they do love us above all and deserve a little credit for just being on our sides no matter what.

P.S –This is an ode to all my single friends because not all heroes wear a cape!